Our first manufacturing facility constructed in the year 1999 saw the initiation of the commercial production of Pivaloyl Chloride in the year 2000. Recognizing the demand of acid chloride globally, we took to expansion of our manufacturing capacity in 2003 and then again in 2008.

A fully integrated facility, our manufacturing plant is spread across 56,000 With a manufacturing capacity of 15,000 MT/annum, we are the largest manufacturers of Acid and Alkyl Chlorides in India.

This facility also houses a SO2 recovery plant and anhydrous HCl plant. Our facility is an innovative, unique and highly systematized production technology, with an unwavering focus on environment, health and safety of our employees and surroundings.

Also, keeping up with the ever changing needs of our customers, R&D is one of our crucial arms. To enhance our R&D capabilities, a pilot plant with state-of-the-art facilities was constructed in the year 2004. It caters to research oriented projects which aim to bring out new and better products as per the market requirements.

Our skilled research teams and the project leaders who handle individual projects make sure that we never compromise on the products that we deliver. Apart from the fully equipped R&D laboratory, we have a Quality Control laboratory as well. This helps us keep in check and monitor our products with rigorous quality parameters, so that we deliver nothing but the best.

We specialize in chlorination processes and chemistry. Thus, safe handling of corrosive and hazardous materials is one of our core competencies.